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Dear fellow citizens,

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Dear fellow citizens,      

I am pleased to introduce you to the Democratic Party (DP) candidates running in the 8 October 2017 local elections. It is a dynamic team with innovative ideas, close to the people, experienced in politics and actively engaged in Bertrange’s social life.

Under the leadership of the DP, Bertrange has over the last decades harmoniously evolved into a modern, innovative and environmental friendly town where high emphasis is put on the quality of living. The attractive and vibrant new town centre perfectly illustrates the Democratic Party’s courage and determination to explore new paths. The “shared space” concept is becoming increasingly popular and the way it has been implemented in Bertrange serves as blueprint for a growing number of municipalities. The DP was the only political party supporting and pushing the project in its entirety from the very beginning.

The mayor’s team ensures that also in the future Bertrange will benefit from an outstanding quality of living. With heart and soul for Bertrange…for the good of all our citizens.


                                                                                                                                       Frank Colabianchi, mayor